List your favourite beverages

Right now I’m drinking a cup of Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla tea … its quite lovely and always makes me think of The Wiggles … Download your FREE Month of Lists ebook – just sign up below and it will be all yours.

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List the things you can’t do without

My favourite pens … Pitt Artist Pens … I prefer to draw in black and white … but they do have beautiful colours too … I always carry a notebook with me. There is nothing worse (well, perhaps a few things – but this is right up there!!) than getting caught with an idea and […]

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List your favourite colours

I don’t have a favourite colour.  My kids think that is a terrible thing.  I love combinations of colours … just the right blue with just the right yellow always makes me smile. Red and white … aaaaahh …. Design seeds is one of my favourite places on the internet … all those beautiful colour […]

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To do list

What’s on your to do list?

  Do you keep your to do list to a minimum?  Or do you include everything in it? I usually end my evening with a brain dump of EVERYTHING I have to do the next day … and then organise it so its a little less overwhelming and something close to achievable … Download your […]

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Sasha Cagen

List your favourite poems

Dallas Clayton is fab … you should check out his book “An Awesome Book” – its really is awesome!! A SMALL MOMENT IN MY DAY At the counter inside the gas station sits a bowl of apples with a hand-written sign which reads: APPLES. Beside the apples: a bunch of bananas. They have no sign. […]

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Lists help us make sense of the world.

List your favourite songs

My favourite songs change regularly … at the moment, these are the songs at the top of my list! You can experience Uncle Sinner’s “When Jesus Comes” here – its sadly lacking from Spotify. What are you favourite songs? Share your lists in the comments. Download your FREE Month of Lists ebook – just sign […]

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